How to write an observation assignment step by step

Have you ever dreamed of drawing of landscape or any portrait? Unfortunately, not all of us have an inborn talent for drawing. But there is a nice alternative that is an observation assignment. Observation assignment is almost like pictures. But the major tools are not brushes, paints, but it is words and phrases. Of course, a brilliant assignment requires particular skills. First, you need a good memory and then a good imagination. Then come your writing skills that have to be impressive and finally it is all about observation. Good guidance by assignment writing services can simplify the most difficult one. Here is your writing plan, after this you don’t need to pay someone to write my assignment.

1.        Choose a topic

If your life is lively and full of great moments which you can share with others, then the choice is obvious. Describe your experience is much easier than anything that is imagined. However, if your imaginary skill works very well then you can describe whatever you want. Make sure your content is interesting not only for you, but for your audience too.

2.        Keywords

Whenever the right scene comes into your mind, then don’t waste a minute. Write down all of the phrases and words that your memory offers you. You don’t need to follow any principles or system as you will construct your own thoughts later.

3.        Close your eyes

This might seem weird to you, but unfortunately, it works every time. When you close your eyes you got totally concentrated on what is happening in your consciousness. This is why it is easier every time to imagine smells and sounds with your eyes closed.

4.        Stream of consciousness

Never try to hold back your thoughts. Just let them give freedom to fly. This way, you become shocked because your memory is more likely to pay attention to every detail.

5.        Make an outline

When you have enough material, then it is the right time to shape it. Remember the about the things of good narration: climax, action, feeling, exposition and resolution. Forget about 5 paragraph structure, it is too boring in this type of writing.

6.        Write the first draft

In this part, give yourself a chance and the right to make mistakes as it is your first draft. Your observation assignment doesn’t need to be perfect on the first try. You will have time to make it perfect later.

7.        Take a break

You do need a rest after great work. So feel free to take a cup of tea or piece of cake, even a nap is also fine in this case because your brain needs to reset.

8.        Rewrite

If your first draft doesn’t satisfy all of your demands, then maybe you need to remover paragraph or add another one like replace words, expression or even phrases if necessary.

9.       Edit and proofread

If you feel that you are finished with your writing task then you are wrong because here comes the main part, it is time for editing and proofreading. You can use online tools to check your text as a human eye is not enough.

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